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We Can Add Shoe Modification to Just About All Types Of Shoes and Boots
We Can and Have Added Shoe Modifications to Just About All Types Of Shoes and Boots
Rocker Soles

Fused Ankles, Limited Ankle Motion, Metatarsal Pain, Big Toe Pain, Mid-Foot Burning Sensation, Arthritis Foot Pain 

Adding Specialized Rocker Sole 
to Your Favorite 
Shoes or Boots
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Metatarsal Pain

Met-Bar Facilitates Metatarsal Pain, Plantar Pressure also helps treat the feeling 
of Burning feet. 

Metatarsal Bars 
can be Added all Types of
Shoes or Boots
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Tying Your Shoes Difficult

Velcro System Will Allow an Individual Independence by Being able to put on and Secure There Own Footwear. 

Velcro System Can be Add to 
Your Favorite 
Shoes or Boots
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Posting / Wedge

Rolling of the Foot Rolling to the outside or inward. called Supination or Pronation. Posting / Wedge stops or greatly lessen the amount rolling.

Wedge Can be Add to 
Your Favorite 
Shoes or Boots
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Shoe Lift's

Lifting Up The Uneven Leg
Shoe Lift's Level and Realign the Body
Providing Comfort.

Let Us Add a Shoe Lift
to Your Favorite 
Shoes or Boots
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Shoe Repair 
Service Offered By ShoeCanics
ShoeCanics  Enjoys Taking Older Shoes And Boots  And Making Them Look New Again.

We Offer

New Sole And Heels 
Fix Rips And Tears On Shoes & Boots
Clean And Shine
Shoe Lift
Fused Ankle
Metatarsal Pain
Foot Rolling
Velcro Straps
Shoe Repair

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​Converting Your Favorite Footwear Into Your Specific Needs
We Can and Have Modified Just About All Types Of Shoes and Boots
Womens Shoe Repair
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Service's Offered Below
Mens Shoe Repair
Shoe Modification Service
Converting Your Favorite Footwear Into Your Specific Needs
Described By Different Names
Shoe Lifts - Shoe Build Up - Shoe Riser
Convert To Velcro Clouser
Finger Pull Loop added
Fused Ankle - Limited Ankle Motion
Ankle Foot Pain
On-Site Shoe Modification Service

Adding Shoe Build-Ups, Shoe Lifts, Rocker Soles, Metatarsal Bars that are beautifully crafted. 

    ShoeCanics Can Transform 
Just About Any Types of
Shoes or Boots. Into Your Specific Needs.

We offer many, many other shoe modification listed below, However if you do not see the type of shoe modification below that you need, please call us and let us know what type of shoe modification you need.

Look Over the Shoe Modifications Below and Click on the Shoe Modification that Could Benefit You

Shoe Modifications Such As:

  • Shoe Lifts One leg is shorter we will add a Shoe Lift to your New or Existing Shoes.

  • Rocker Soles - Fused Ankles, Limited Ankle Motion, Mid-Foot Ulceration, Mid-Foot Pain, Mid-Foot Burning Sensation, Big Toe Pain​

  • Stretching Footwear - Shoes to Tight, Bunions, Hammer Toe

  • Widening Shoe - Widening Footwear for Extremely Wide Feet

  • Dome Pocket or Ballon Patch - Hammer Toe, Sever Bunions and Callus

  • S.A.C.H. Heel - Pain at Heel Strike, Overall Pain in the Foot, Ankle, Leg, Knee and & Hip​