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We Can Add Shoe Modification to Just About All Types Of Shoes and Boots
Shoe Lift  - Shoe Build-Up - Service
Function - Shoe Lift, Shoe Build-Up added to a Shoe or Boot: to Lift the affected leg to it's prescribed height.

Prescribed - for persons that have a 
LLD - Leg Length Discrepancy 

Goal - To Lift and Realign the Skeletal Structure, which will in turn promote a smoother gait (walking). Alleviate pains and discomforts in the feet, ankles, knees,hips also the back.

1. Stop pains before they began. 

2. Minimize or alleviate pain all together.

3. Stop deterioration or further deterioration of the ligament, tendons, cartilage and joints.

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Work Boot
1" Shoe lift Added
Golf Shoe 
1" Shoe lift Added
Woman's Casual Shoe 
1" Shoe lift Added
Woman's Sandal 
7/8" Shoe lift Added
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We Added To Our Customers Favorite Shoes & Boots
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Athletic Shoe
5/8" Shoe lift Added
Athletic Shoe
1/2" Shoe lift Added
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I found this place that can add a Shoe Lift, Yes a Shoe Build-Up To Just About 

Any Type of Shoes or Boots

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Since I've been wearing the Shoe Lift they add  to my Golf Shoes and Dress Shoes it has really help alleviate my back and leg pain. I've been able to 
get back to the life I enjoy
Shoe Lift's

Lifting Up The Uneven Leg
Shoe Lift's Level and Realign the Body
Providing Comfort.

Let Us Add a Shoe Lift
to Your Favorite 
Shoes or Boots

Shoe Modification Service
Converting Your Favorite Footwear Into Your Specific Needs
​Converting Your Favorite Footwear Into Your Specific Needs
We Can and Have Modified Just About All Types Of Shoes and Boots
Motorcycle Boot 
3/4" Shoe lift Added
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GOOD NEW'S We Have The Ability to:
Add Shoe Lifts to Just About 
Any Type of Footwear Shoes or Boots
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Provides Orthopedic Shoe Lifts