Shoe Modification & Repair Service

Shoe Modification That Could Help You?

Leg shorter than the other side Shoe Lifts 

Metatarsal pain and soreness Metatarsal Bar 

Forefoot Ulcers, Forefoot or Metatarsal pain - also Big Toe pain Specialize Rocker Soles

Achilles Tendinitis Heel to Metatarsal Lift

Tying your own shoe difficult Velcro Closures

Rolling over or twisting over foot add Shoecanics Stabilizer or  Buttresses

Heel pain at heel strike 
S.A.C.H. Heel

Tight shoes or boots 
Stretching Shoes and Boots

Shoe Modifications
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Shoe Repair

New Heels
Women's - Men's

New Soles & Heels
Women's - Men's

Protective Soles
Extending Life of The Shoes

Toe Tips
Women's - Men's

Protective Taps
Nylon or Metal Taps

Stretch Shoes 
Shoes or Boots to Tight

Shoe Shine
Converting Your Favorite Footwear Into Your Specific  Needs
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Shoecanics offers Shoe Repair Service. 

Replacing Worn Out Sole and Heel. On your Favorite Dress or Casual Shoes, Western Boots and Work Boots.

Nothing like having good pair of comfortable shoes, and the soles and heels have worn out but the top parts in good shape.

What do you do? 

Have Them Repaired by Shoecanics.

Bring us or Ship us your favorite shoes and boots and 
let us make them look like new.
New Leather Full Soles & Heel. Make your favorite shoes look new again. 
New Heels, New Toe Tips, Touch Up Scuff
Clean and Shine
Worn Toes Tips
Missing Heel
Bring us or Ship us your Shoes and Boots and We Will Repair Them For You.
Here the name brand of some footwear we love to repair!
Cole Haan, Alden, Florsheim, Allen Edmonds, A.Testoni, Abeline Boots, Calvin Klein, Caterpillar boots, Corcoran boots, Cowtown Boots, Dexter shoes & boots, Franco Sarto, Havana Joe- lug soles, Justin boots, Red Wing shoes & boots, Santoni shoes, Stacey Adams, Work One Boots, Zelli shoes  

Shoecanics Shoe Repair

Provide you with High Quality New Leather Soles.

Reputable  Long Wearing New 
Rubber Heels.

Shoecanics Replacement Soles
For Your Favorite Footwear Let us Repair Them For You
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