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Metatarsal Bar 

Prescribed: For Metatarsal, Plantar Pressure also helps treat the feeling of Burning feet. 
Function: Off loading pressure from the Metatarsals heads also adding quick propulsion from end of Metatarsals to the toe with controlled limited extension of the toes. 
Goal: Eliminate Pain 
1. Often quick relief 
​2. Comfortable walking
3. None surgical procedure


This Metatarsal Bar, Often Referred to as a Met-Bar Works Really Well and Quick In Relieving Metatarsal Pain and Mid-Foot Discomfort.

Metatarsal Bars 
can be Added all Types of
Shoes or Boots
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For Really Active People Such as Joggers, Runners, Heavy into Sports. Activities Like 
Basketball, Hiking, Tennis. Another Shoe Modification Option Is The Forefoot Rocker Sole Below.
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Are Very Low Profile. I know you easily see them here. However when the are installed on the bottom of your footwear they are hardly noticeable.
More Important They Provide Relief Very Quickly.
Often Relieve Symptoms Quickly 
For more  information on the 
Forefoot Rocker Soles ...Click Here and Read #2

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